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If you have been hurt in the past by an experience with church, this page is written especially for you! Or perhaps you have serious doubts because of all the turmoil you observe in the world.


Know that your doubts are welcomed.  Your questions are welcomed even more.  If we aren't able to answer your question, we'll help you find a satisfying answer.  We encourage you to text us your questions (even during the Worship and teaching!) that we might address them head on!



You may feel like church IS fake and full of hypocrites. And the truth is, sometimes that's true. Historically, churches begin relationships with a higher degree of trust and expectation you won't find most places.  But even if you were hurt in the past by an opportunist, someone's selfishness or perhaps just someone's ignorance, don't allow that disappointment to rob you of these new relationships waiting to enrich your life!




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