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DTPHX Church exists to promote the

Peace of Christ in the core of Downtown Phoenix.

We value

Open spaces allow people to see who we are and join us without obligation.  


DTPHX Church hosts Worship within our community in an open space throughout the week, shared with a business or park.  This allows the most casual listener with an opportunity to observe us as we sing, study and tell stories about our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

We value

Our partnerships lead us to working with and through others.


DTPHX Church develops trusting relationships with several business owners of local coffee shops and other community spaces to share the space for PopUp Church. We also thrive to treat these relationships as partnerships by loving on the businesses.

We value

We happily give because generosity represents love.


We are keenly aware that love expressed in the community will make Christ known. Wherever we are, whenever we are serving, we want our presence to represent the generosity and love that Christ shows throughout scripture!

We value

We believe every day of the week is a day to

live for Christ!


We believe EVERY hour of EVERY day is a gift from God.  That means living for God on Monday is EVERY bit as important as living for Him on Sunday.  We believe Christ's death and resurrection is so radical that we want to live every day on His Mission!

small group4.jpg
We value

Small gatherings helps us to see and bring out the best in each other.


As DTPHX Church grows, we are developing new, individual micro-churches. These groups, of usually 12 to 16 people, meet weekly in the space of the community for sharing life, biblical studies, and even popup worship.  They are doing life together!

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