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Sundays are for Pop Up Church somewhere in our immediate community!


The Historic Roosevelt district of Downtown Phoenix is a beautiful, artistic community within the urban heart of the nation's fifth largest city.  One of the ways we support this local community is by hosting our Bible Studies & Worship out  where anyone can watch and listen in.  We develop a relationship and activate reuseable temporary spaces by being church partnered with a coffee business, park, condo or pub.  This allows us to develop all disciples within our church to teach & lead robust discussions.  Also, by being out in our community, we are able to connect to the very people who respond to spiritual conversations but have pushed away from the church-as-usual.  

  • Did you know that we regularly alternate the types of Sunday gatherings? Our hope is to connect with more of those that might not ever attend a church!


Small group meeting at Fair Trade Cafe
Life Group at The Painter's Lounge
Meal together
  • Often the first and second Sundays of the month find us worshiping by hosting several Bible Studies of 8 - 10 people in public spaces throughout the Roosevelt neighborhood.  We love meeting in coffee shops or any of the many similar spaces for our group discussions.  Look at our Calendar to see where we are meeting any given Sunday!

  • Third Sundays are usually dedicated to worship by being missionally involved by addressing a need in the community so we can represent Christ's hands & feet.  Our Calendar gives you the details if you'd like to join us!


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