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College YOUNG LIFE and Downtown Phoenix campus of

Arizona State University


College is a different time unlike any other of life's chapters so it only makes sense to have church for them at a time that complements their unique schedules! In fact, studies show that the maturity during the college years is second only to the first five years of life.  With over 12,000 students in the downtown area, we thrive to encourage them as they grow into mature, responsible adults.  


We have discovered that some of the most talented and well-equipped leaders are the staff of national Collegiate ministries.  Rather than asking these ministries to assist us to grow a Sunday morning college department, we instead choose to partner alongside them during the school week.  We have assisted with InterVarsity, Christian Challenge and Young Life-College on the downtown campus of ASU.  This allows us to be encouragers for the students and act more in a role of mentors as we learn from the staff of these ministries as 'specialists in collegiate ministry'.

We have found that students tend to move in 'tribes' loving on each other, eating together, talking together and studying together.  Rather than attempt to break up the tribes to invent new tribes on Sunday mornings, we come alongside these existing tribes and find ways we can make them stronger during their school life.

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